Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How am I going to do this?

Soooo.... Trying to get healthy would be best done with a plan, right?  Yeah, I think so too. I have an idea of a plan, but no real plan. I more have some do's and don't's that I'd like to stick to. Like:

- No sugar!
- No white flour!
- No artifical sweetener! (except Truvia...for now)

- YES! to vegetables!
- YES! to fruit!
- YES! to whole grains!
- YES! to fiber!
- YES! to healthy meat!

Here is what I did yesterday. I ate amazingly well all day! I even took a picture of me eating my amazing salad and sent it to my husband. I was feeling soooo good. And then. And then.

And then I left work and the next thing I knew I was buying a Baby Ruth candy bar at Walmart. Check outs have always been a trigger for me. I'll grab a Snickers or whatever. Or at grocery stores, I'll grab a donut or muffin.

So I got the Baby Ruth. Did I beat myself up for it? No. I looked at it as a small setback. Not that big of a deal. This does not define me.


Until I then drove into the McDonald's drive thru and ordered TWO LARGE FRIES. Not one. Two. LARGE.

So there will be obstacles. I know that my brain needs more work than anything else and that is what I will focus on. Get my head straight and everything else will follow.

Yesterday afternoon did start a landslide off into an unhealthy chain reaction. I ate nothing else for the rest of the day and today I've been right on track.

Baby steps. Baby steps.

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